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LCD/CFL Proof Dinky Link IR Receiver Kit from Xantech



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Item Number: XN-DL85K

Product Description

Surface-mount design
Standard Range (up to 80 feet)
Works with LED, LCD & plasma TV’s and CFL lighting
For use with all types of cable boxes, satellite boxes, remote controls and TVs
White, silver & black trim kit included to match any AV system
Kit includes:
  • 1 DL85 IR receiver
  • 1 Model 789-44 connecting block
    • Connects one IR receiver to 4 IR emitter ports
    • Enough power to drive up to 4 dual emitters
  • 1 12VDC regulated power supply
  • 4 Blink-IR™ Designer emitters
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Trim kit to match white, silver and black AV components
  • Works with all types of cable boxes, satellite boxes, remotes and TVs
  • Low profile—easy to hide
  • Proprietary ambient noise-suppression technology for reliable operation in any lighting environment including compact fluorescents
  • IR modulation frequency bandwidth: 25-60kHz
  • Reception range: up to 80 ft/24 m*
  • Color-coded connectors for fast, easy installation
* Actual range depends on remote control output and ambient lighting condition